Start Your Something

Over 175 million people visited your sites, stores and blogs just last month. The Weebly community is big and growing fast. Watching you bring your ideas to life and hearing about your success inspires us and gets us excited to come to work every day.

That’s why we’ve decided to start sharing all of the amazing things that you, the Weebly community, have started, right here on the new Weebly blog.

Start Your Something is a celebration of all the cool things that you are doing. We want to channel the entrepreneurial spirit that is thriving here as a source of inspiration and creative fuel.

To kick things off we’ve created a video featuring five members of our very own community. There’s Caesar, an inventor who works a day job while running The Whiskey Ball on the side, and April, who took control of her own destiny and started Unfold Yoga so she could spend more time with her family. There’s Deb, a prolific painter and purveyor of The Organic Gallery, Alicia who designs clothing and accessories inspired by nature for her line Howl Attire, and Narendra & Machelle, who are reimagining the food chain with their co-op Our Table.

We’re also introducing the Inspiration Center, where you can find expert tips and advice from Weebly community members like Deb and Caesar, alongside outside experts such as author Rachel Hofstetter and businesses like Kabbage. We've loaded the center up with great advice on how you can take actionable steps towards your brand, community and bringing your ideas into the world.

And, this is just the beginning. We want to know about your something and help you share your work with the world. You can tell us all about it right here.