Want to Retain Users and Increase Revenue? Start with an Email

You've built your website and started your online business, but trying to think of ways to increase sales is always a challenge. A great way to retain customers and help grow revenue is through email marketing. And the stats don't lie: With an average return of $43 for every $1 you spend on email marketing, your email campaigns not only enhance the customer experience, they also help drive real revenue.

You can get your email marketing efforts started immediately with Weebly Promote. It’s already integrated with your Weebly account, so it's easy to build out email marketing campaigns without learning another piece of software.

Here are five pain-free ways you can capitalize on email marketing to grow your business.

Send Automated Emails to Connect with Customers


An automated email is one of the easiest ways to connect with customers. An automated campaign is one that you set up in advance — the email is sent to a customer at a specific time, such as a coupon code when someone fills out the subscribe button on your website or a special discount that customers get on their birthdays.

These little points of contact only take a few minutes to set up and you don't have to think about them again. Plus, automated emails can help you stay in contact with customers and retain their business thanks to special reminders. Nothing says “we appreciate you" like a birthday discount! Customers who feel appreciated by your business are more likely to remain customers.

Create Smart Groups for Specific Audiences

Are there certain segments of your customer base that you wish you could target? Weebly Promote's Smart Groups feature allows you to do just that. You can create groups of customers that are part of a special membership or discount club level, or even those who haven't made a purchase in a while.

This option allows you to send emails to target these particular individuals and not your whole email list, making each message feel personal.

What's nice about Smart Groups is that email contacts are automatically added to the right group based on actions, such as recent shoppers. This is a feature that will set you apart with your customers and can even help you generate more revenue by reminding users when they leave an item in the cart.

Capture More Leads with a Dynamic Form


To grow revenue, you need to grow your email list as well. That starts with an attention-grabbing sign-up form to collect email addresses.

The Lead Capture Tool will help you create forms that speak to users on your site. Options include popup or smart bar forms that connect right to your website. Each form can be designed with a custom feel so that it helps users find exactly what they are looking for.

One tip: Keep the form signup as simple as possible for ease of use. Ask for basic information such as name and email address only and collect more information once users become customers. Don't scare off potential sign ups by asking for too many details.

Share Emails on Social Networks

Want to grow your audience and customer base in a hurry? Share those emails on social media!

All Weebly Promote plans come with the ability to share any email on social media channels with just one click (plus, you can monitor interactions). Each email also comes with a special web link so you can share it anywhere, even if you forget to enter a social platform when you initially hit send.

Social sharing helps sales and signups, and it can generate overall buzz about your business and product offerings. You can reach an even wider audience by encouraging customers to share emails with their networks as well.

Add Products to Emails for One-Click Sales


Nothing can help increase revenue like giving shoppers the opportunity to buy items directly from your email. Weebly Promote connects to products and categories on your Weebly website so you can add items to an email with just a few clicks.

Customers can see products and have a specific “BUY NOW" call to action right in their inboxes. That means that they can purchase an item immediately after reading your great email offer. Also, with Weebly Promote all product information pulls right into the email so you don't have to recreate anything. Online shopping has never been easier!

What are you waiting for? According to MarketingSherpa, "a large majority of U.S. adults — 72% — prefer communication with companies to happen through email." It’s the perfect time to give email marketing a try.

Weebly Promote integrates with your Weebly website and you can try it for free. Plans are affordable with options for every business size. Get started now; it only takes a few clicks to send your first email!