New features: Copy Pages & Page Specific SEO Options

Check out the new & improved pages tab of the Weebly editor! We've made some changes we think you'll like:

Copy a page


The ability to copy or duplicate a page was a long requested feature we're very happy to release. Now, all you need to do is click the new "Copy page" button, and with this one click, all the elements on that page will be duplicated to a new page -- a really useful feature if you're building multiple pages with similar layouts!

Page specific SEO options


Another highly requested feature was the ability to specify descriptions & meta tags on a per page basis. Page descriptions and meta tags are placed in the HTML code of a page to assist search engines (like Google) in understanding the content on the page. The better a search engine understands the content on a page, the more likely it is that the page appears in search results.

For our more advanced users, we added "header code" and "footer code" fields on a per page basis as well.

Icons for your homepage & password protected pages


As you probably realized, the top page in your list of pages is your homepage. To make this more clear, your homepage now has a little home icon, and any pages you've password protected will have a lock icon.

We hope you enjoy the improvements! We'd love to hear what you think in the comments.