Weebly Release Notes: New Features and Apps from April

Happy May! Last month was jam-packed with new feature and app releases. Here’s a quick roundup of what we launched in April.

  • Navigational Menus - Create navigation pages that reveal child pages when clicked. Simple way to build an elegant and organized navigation experience for sites with a large number of pages.
  • Theme Merchandising - Theme Gallery is now categorized by popular verticals, making it easier to pick the perfect theme for your website, business or blog. Click “recently used” to view previous themes you’ve used in the old gallery format.
  • Email Preview Text - Customize the text displayed after the subject line in the inbox. This text helps your recipients preview email content and plays an important role in email open rates. Available with Weebly Promote.
  • Email as Webpage and Social Share - View any Weebly Promote email as a webpage and share that page on social media. Great way to gather additional visibility for your site by sharing email content publicly. Includes stats on social traffic to the page.
  • App Dashboard Cards - Improved app access and performance data available directly on your Dashboard. Supported by a growing number of apps including Schedulista and MarketGoo.
  • Smart Groups - Create custom Weebly Promote contact lists based on a specific set of rules. Currently, you can make smart groups based on store purchase, membership and form submission. This is an effective way to target emails based on visitor actions. Available for Grow and Accelerate plans.
  • iOS 4.6.0 - Site and blog post editing for contributors, improved site stats design, stability and speed improvements.
  • Android 4.4.0 - Scheduling blog post options, stability and speed improvements.

Here are the new App Center apps that went live last month:

  • Modal Pop - Create beautiful modal pop up windows with any Weebly element.
  • Scroll Back To Top - Small, graceful icon that lets users scroll back to the top of any page - 100% free.
  • OpenMenu Deals - Deals & coupons for restaurant websites.
  • Promo Bar - Customizable bar for promoting coupons and specials on your site.
  • Fyrebox - Interactive quiz builder.
  • Social Billboard - Stream of social photos for events.
  • Maps - Customizable Google Maps widget.
  • Social Media Feed - Social feed for Instagram content.
  • Facebook Like - Enable Facebook sharing options (share, like, recommend) on any site page.
  • Photo Overlay - Open site photos in a fullscreen overlay.
  • Image Loupe - Add click to zoom feature on any image.
  • Topit - Back to top smooth scroll.
  • Social Buttons - Custom buttons for your social accounts.