Mobile Website Beta-testing

When creating your website with Weebly, you shouldn't have to worry about creating a separate version for mobile phones. Your visitors' experience should be amazing no matter the size of the screen they are viewing your website on.

For that reason, we're getting ready to automatically create a version of your website optimized for a mobile experience. But before we release it to everyone, we need your help to make sure everything is working just right.


To see the mobile version of your website we've created, just visit on your mobile phone. So, for this blog, that would be

We're looking for any and all feedback on what works, what looks good, and what doesn't. If you have any feedback, just email us at

Once we're confident that everything is ready, we'll make it so that your visitors see this version automatically when they visit your site, instead of having to visit /mobile/.

As always, we really appreciate your feedback and support!