Introducing the All New Weebly

Our mission is to help you create a unique, high-quality site that you're proud to share. About a year ago, we set out to reimagine what the future of site creation would look like not only today, but two years from now. Through the feedback you shared with us in our surveys and the insights we gained from talking with many of you by phone, you told us how to build a better service to meet your needs.

Today, we're proud to announce the result of these efforts -- The All New Weebly!

Please note: Since the new changes are in beta for existing users, we'll be gradually prompting you to turn on to these new features over time. To activate these new features immediately, click the button below.

Turn On The All New Weebly

The All New Site Creator


We completely rebuilt our Site Creator from the ground up to give you a more modern, powerful and intuitive way to create and update your site. Many improvements were made both to the design and the user interface, but at the core, it's the same Weebly you know and love.

The Mobile Editor

Now you can see how your mobile site looks on iPhone and Android, choose a unique mobile theme and edit your mobile site directly from your computer. Whether you make updates to your main site or to your mobile site, we make sure both sites are always in sync.


The Site Planner

Get ideas and inspiration to help you create a high-quality site or even to have fun refreshing your current one. Site Planner shows you how to organize your information, layout your pages, choose your site address and grow your traffic. And, best of all, it can be easily accessed at anytime while you are working on your site.


Start Something

After reading your survey responses and talking to many of you on the phone, we were truly inspired by your entrepreneurial spirits and the amazing sites that you have started on Weebly. Our new tagline, "Start Something" reflects the energy, passion and determination you all have shown taking a leap to start a site of your own!

The new Weebly was lovingly hand-crafted here in San Francisco. We're proud to share this update, and we can't wait to show you what we're working on next!