Our users inspire us to make Weebly better every single day. And when someone inspires us through an exceptionally good cause? Well, we simply can't resist expressing our gratitude in a slightly bigger way.

Four days ago our CEO stumbled upon a posting on Reddit outlining the story of Omari, a young man who cares for children at the Faraja Orphanage in Ngong, Kenya. Omari was slashed in the face while he attempted to protect the children and ward off intruders who had broken into the orphanage, earning him a large facial wound and a stint in the hospital. This man is one of those rare real-life heroes.

The Longonot Education Initiative was looking to raise $2,000 to help erect a concrete and barbed wire fence to protect Omari and the children. To our surprise, we found that they had built their site using Weebly... and just knew we had to get involved. At that point, the Reddit community had raised $10,000, and Weebly donated another $10,000 to match.

Since then, over $80,000 has been raised for the cause! With the surplus funds the LEI plans to continue providing food and supplies for the children and ultimately hopes to purchase the title deed for the land and home.

How could anyone resist this crew?


We are honored to have people like the folks at Longonot Education Initiative using Weebly to aid others and hope this story inspires you as much as it did us.

And to the children sending their thanks in the photo above, we just want to say -- you're so welcome!

UPDATE 2/16/12: The wall has been built!