Attention Realtors! Build an IDX Website with Realtyna Integration

We're excited to announce the launch of the Realtyna IDX App, available right now on the App Center. This integration comes from our new partnership with Realtyna, a leading real estate solutions provider. If you're a realtor, you can now connect your Weebly website directly with Realtyna IDX to display MLS listings directly on your pages.

Use Weebly to Make the Most of Realtyna IDX

No real estate website design is complete without access to the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) that makes it easy for visitors to find homes for sale online. But to show those listings on your website you need IDX integration via software on a private server.

Not only can that take 6-8 weeks and thousands of dollars in fees to get up and running, it also requires regular maintenance and upwards of $100 monthly in data charges. Realtyna IDX provides all the benefits of MLS-IDX on your website for $69 a month for a standard plan. And you can try it for 15 days, free.

Most other IDX platforms are very rigid in terms of website design and require programming knowledge in order to customize the look and feel of your website. However, by using IDX with our drag and drop real estate website builder, it's possible without any coding knowledge.

3 Reasons to Install Realtyna IDX Now

When it comes to building a real estate website, MLS access and IDX integration is the very least you can do to show listings and get potential buyers interested. Converting that interest into action requires more advanced features, three of which we provide the moment you install Realtyna:

  1. Deep customizations. Use filters to help you customize how your pages render listings. For example, you can choose to highlight rentals instead of homes for sale. Your IDX website can be made to target certain regions or even create sub-pages serving different neighborhoods of the same city.

  2. Flexible layout and design. Decide precisely how to show off property results: in a grid, in a list, using different colors, with few or lots of property details. You can also customize the search box to fit the overall look and feel of your real estate website design.

  3. Tailored listings. Give special credence to your listings. How? Use the special ID assigned to you by the real estate board where you're a member. Add that number — technically, your MLS ID — in the Realtyna MLS IDX app and you'll automatically generate a menu for showing only the properties you're selling.

Get Started Now

Ready to design an IDX website that converts? Add the Realtyna IDX app to your site, which you can install in just a few steps. You'll save time, money, and be better prepared when willing buyers find their way to your real estate website.