Gift Guide Giveaway: Monday's Winners!

Congratulations to Greg, Dave, Julia, David, Audrey, Steve, Avi, Rick, Heather and Stephanie on being selected to receive the gift of their choosing from our holiday guide!

There are still 40 more lucky winners to be selected, so make sure to both submit your entry and give us a shout on Facebook or Twitter with the hashtag #weeblygift!

Here are a few of the goodies we'll be sending...

"I would like to win the Saucy Alaskan basket for my wife. She collects baskets and loves seafood. I'd be a 'winner, winner, chicken of the sea dinner' with that gift. Merry Christmas"

  • Greg

"Great White Shark! Oh, how adorable! We love Great Whites! My grandson would be thrilled to come over to Grammy's house and have that adorable Great White Shark waiting for him on the couch!"

  • Julia

"I would love the Natural Mineral Makeup. I just think a bright shiny smile is worth so much in today's world. The natural makeup would just add a "glow" to a smile."

  • Heather