Get Inspired to Work Anywhere with the Where Do You Weebly Winners!

We received so many amazing Where Do You Weebly submissions it was difficult to pick the winners. We finally chose these three not only for their excellent pictures, but the innovative and inspirational ways each site is developed outside of the traditional home or office setting.

East Brentwood Fire Department


Taken during a brisk Sunday morning training session, this photo shows an East Brentwood Fire Department volunteer logging in to update the site's training section. The department’s website was created as both a community resource for first responder information and as a tool for volunteers to access important training materials. Since the site was first published, the department has seen more volunteer requests than ever before.

Biodiversity of the Central Coast


This picture shows in action, as the website is used on a smartphone to identify local aquatic species on Vancouver Island. Biodiversity of the Central Coast is intended as a field resource for species identification throughout British Columbia and the Pacific Northwest. Run by students of the Starzomski Lab at the University of Victoria’s School of Environmental Studies, the website is designed to inspire environmental stewardship and appreciation of the coastline.

Humanities at the Bridge


Humanities at the Bridge is used by students to discuss lessons and download course documents, as well as access videos, contests and games. This photo was taken at the West Clinic center in Memphis, where Humanities at the Bridge creator Jennifer uses several hours of treatment time to update the site from her mobile device. Jennifer’s website is designed to enhance the humanities courses she teaches and provide a forum for student participation.

Thank you so much to everyone who participated in the Where Do You Weebly contest, seeing all the creative ways you use Weebly has been truly inspirational!