Get Creative with Stripes and Big Slant

It’s time to flex those creative muscles with Stripes and Big Slant, our latest theme set featuring big beautiful images and refreshing new elements guaranteed to inject fresh personality into your site, store or blog. Don’t forget, if you use one of these themes you’re eligible to win some great prizes through the Before & After contest, which you can enter below!


Stripes represents a new face for Weebly theme design. With a collapsible vertical navigation bar and full image background Stripes is loud and keeps visitors engaged. Stripes is perfect for creatives and designers, but also works wonders for a trendy store or personal website. With six unique color palettes, you can choose from a variety of looks that provide serious flexibility for your photo, font and content elements.





We created How’d They Do That? Select a New Theme to show you just how easy it is to update your site with Stripes.

Big Slant

Big Slant redefines smooth design. With a white background that makes your header content pop, Big Slant provides a crisp and cool experience that will please old and new visitors alike. This is the theme that tells your story exactly the way you want.





You can preview your content in Big Slant through Design > Change Theme in your Site Editor.

It Gets Better, You Have a Chance to Win Prizes!

Before & After continues this week in support of Stripes and Big Slant. Update your site with either theme and fill out the form below with screenshots before and after your change. You’ll be entered to win a Weebly prize package consisting of glorious schwag, free site promotion on our blog, and a free year of Weebly Pro.

** This contest is closed. Thank you for your entries, and stay tuned for the results! **

Let us know what you think about Stripes and Big Slant and feel free to share your experience with any of our new themes, we hope they help take your site, store or blog to the next level!