Emphasize Text with Purple Haze and Highlighter

The theme parade continues this week with the release of Purple Haze and Highlighter, two smart and subtle new themes designed for text-heavy sites, blogs and stores. These themes combine embellished navigation elements with minimalist composition to better accentuate your beautiful content.

Purple Haze

Flaunting ten different color palettes, Purple Haze presents a crisp and cool environment to display your work. With a fixed navigation bar carrying a broad stroke of color down the page, Purple Haze expertly blends both bold and modest site elements. The theme’s responsive features translate superbly on tablets.





Switching to Purple Haze is easy, but if you need any help How’d They Do That? Select a New Theme walks through the process step by step.


Developed for long-form content and deep visuals, Highlighter is a blank canvas waiting for the right brush. Sporting dueling black and white palettes, this unique theme pushes edgy without unnecessary flagrance, while the fixed navigation feature packs a punch that keeps readers focused on your message. Great for stores and personal sites, Highlighter really shines when it comes to blogging, with some our best post-styling visuals and flexible layout options that amplify your blog text.





You can update your site with [Highlighter] through Design > Change Theme in the Editor.

Time is Running Out on Before & After!

This theme release also marks one of your last opportunities to enter the Before & After contest. Replace your current theme with either Highlighter or Purple Haze and send us screenshots before and after the update using the form below. The winning entry will not only receive dedicated coverage on this blog, but also a free year of Weebly Pro and some limited-edition Weebly gear.

** This contest is closed. Thank you for your entries, and stay tuned for the results! **

Let us know what you think about Purple Haze and Highlighter along with our entire new theme class, which includes Stripes and Big Slant, Haberdasher and Collection, and Journey and Clean Lines. We’ve really enjoyed putting these new themes together and we’ve already seen you use them for some amazing site updates. Look for more theme releases in the future!