eCommerce 1.2 and Stock Photo Update

The latest round of eCommerce features are here with the release of eCommerce 1.2 along with an expanded stock photo library. These updates add greater depth and flexibility to the eCommerce experience and should help you build out an even stronger online store.

Sell Personalized Products with Note to Seller


Order personalization is now a reality with the brand-new Note to Seller field. Your customers can now enter custom directions and text in the shopping cart window during checkout. The new feature is available in the Store tab under Settings > General.

As one the most requested eCommerce features we’re super excited for order notes to come to life with Note to Seller and can’t wait to see all the creative new product-types it will enable on your store.

Quickbooks and CSV Export


Export store order data into Quickbooks or a CSV file directly from your store dashboard. One-click data conversion and collection makes it easy to sync store order information with your Quickbooks software.

CSV export is available for free on all plans and Quickbooks export is a feature of the Business Plan.

Google Analytics and Tracking Pixels


You can now add Google Analytics to your store and tracking pixels to your Cart, Payment, or Receipt pages from the advanced settings interface. These custom tracking options will help you learn more about visitor behavior and gain valuable insight into store performance.

Knowledge really is power when it comes to eCommerce optimization and we hope this update gives you the tools you need to obtain that knowledge for yourself.

Stock Photos Update


The new Professional Stock Photo Library provides over 12 million high-quality photos for you to use on your site, store, or blog. Browse and purchase photos directly from the Weebly interface for easy access to a rich collection of compelling images.

The updated photo library presents a great opportunity to leverage powerful design features like customizable background images which can help bring a dynamic visual feel to your site.

Our whole team is hard at work here in San Francisco improving Weebly for you every day. As always, we appreciate your comments -- please let us know what you'd like to see next!