Easy Emails You Can Build with Weebly Promote

Do you want to send an email to highlight your blog or showcase products in your shop but don't know where to start? Weebly Promote makes creating emails easy, with no experience necessary.

86% percent of consumers want to receive promotional emails each month, so an email marketing plan is beneficial for growing business and driving website sales. The tools you need to design and send an engaging email are right in your Weebly account. To get started, all you have to do is pick a template based on your messaging.

Here, we'll walk through different types of emails that you can build and send today.

General Mailing

A general mailing can work for any content type. Start with a blank canvas (for more advanced email senders) or a template that includes space for images or text. Fill in the content from your website and you are ready to send.

A general mailing can be anything from an announcement of an upcoming sale to a call to action, such as driving users to like a social media site. You can use this type of mailing to stir interest in your content.

  • Key feature: Use a large, bright button for the call to action -- it will encourage users to interact with your message.
  • Best for: Custom designs, splashy promotions, and multiple content sections.


You can drive users to your online shop with an inviting email. Whether you are promoting a sale, daily special, product or coupon, the commerce templates offer plenty of flexibility in design. Commerce emails let users know about promotions or new products. Make sure to include strong images that encourage users to buy.

  • Key feature: Because Weebly Promote is linked to your website, products from your shop can be directly linked in email. That means customers can start shopping right from their inboxes!
  • Best for: Driving sales, coupons, featuring new products, showcasing products, and highlighting daily deals.


Think of an email newsletter as a way to stay connected with your audience. A Forrester poll found that one in five customers read every newsletter they receive. Send a quick hello, provide a professional update, share photos from social media or just tell a short story with text or images. Scheduling newsletters on a regular basis creates brand loyalty and will drive users to visit your website over and over again.

  • Key feature: Match your website and newsletter navigation so email communication mirrors the web experience. All you have to do is drag and drop from the toolbar to include the same navigation in both places.
  • Best for: Any type of website or business that wants to connect (or reconnect) with users.

Event Notice

Do you need people to save the date? Highlight your next big event with just a few clicks using the event templates built into Weebly Promote. Whether it's a concert, store opening, fundraiser, networking event or webinar, an email with a strong call to action can help you draw more people to your event.

Key feature: Integrated social sharing and emails can help even more people learn about your event. Share the email directly on social media networks and include buttons for users to share as well.
Best for: Highlighting an in-person or virtual event.

Blog Summary

Make sure users never miss new content with an email that links directly to your blog. A blog summary email can go to users weekly, monthly or whenever you post new content and showcase new information that they might want. Blog summary emails can highlight a specific post, include a short summary of recent items or provide a way to share photos.

  • Key feature: Weebly Promote's Blog Post element pulls content directly from your blog into an email with just a couple of clicks.
  • Best for: Sharing appealing blog content.


Every marketing plan should include an email strategy. Remember, the majority of your customers will be open to receiving emails each month. Use Weebly Promote to reach that audience. Creating an email campaign has never been easier, so why wait?