Delight Visitors and Ship More Products with 3 Free New Apps

First of all, thanks for all the helpful feedback and support during the Carbon launch. Our engineering and customer service teams are working around the clock to make sure everything’s perfect with the new experience. If you need help with anything use this form to contact us and we’ll get right on it.

Now, let’s look closer at the brand new App Center. From geomarketing to product shipping, we have three new apps that will delight your visitors and help you sell more products. These apps are free and easy to add to your website, blog or online store with simple one-click integrations.

Related Noise


Related Noise lets you add dynamic social feeds to your website. This is a great tool for boosting visitor engagement and displaying content in exciting new ways. You can use social proof to increase sales by showing off photos and testimonials from your biggest fans, or bring a variety of different voices directly to your site to keep visitors interested.

Twin City Pictures uses Related Noise with the new responsive Slick theme to display a stunning gallery populated with the company’s Instagram feed and photography. It’s a smart and visually exciting way to show off their best work. EcoGrow LLC uses the app to share the company's Aquaponic systems as they're used by real people. It’s an engaging way to illustrate how the product works for customers.

Try out the Related Noise App right now to start building your own social feeds.



MapJam brings some exciting new geomarketing tools to your website, letting you create beautiful, uniquely customized digital maps. You can use the app to help customers find physical locations or add stunning new interactive elements to your site.

This Toronto-based realtor uses MapJam to display open listings on a custom city map that lets visitors explore different properties right from the homepage. uses the app to illustrate color-coded transit stops around the San Francisco Bay Area, adding some impressive visual support to the text on the page.

Add the MapJam app to your website today to test out these unique map creations.



Shippo makes shipping products from your online store easy and affordable. The app lets you create shipping labels and get discounted shipping rates on both domestic and international shipments. You can access multiple carriers, including USPS, Fedex and UPS, along with key time-saving features like automatic tracking and customer email notifications.

Alibi Interiors uses the app to ship hand-crafted reclaimed wood products around the country. The integration with their online store has saved them time and money from the moment they connected the app.

Shipping doesn't have to be hard anymore. Get Shippo integrated with your site and start your new shipping program.

We hope you enjoy these new apps, you can learn more about using the App Center or see all the current apps for yourself (with more being worked on all the time!) What are your favorite apps and how are you using them? Let us know in the comments!