Introducing Carbon, the Next Generation of Weebly

We’ve been hard at work for the better part of a year, and today I’m incredibly excited to finally share the results with the world. Entrepreneurs, dreamers and makers, it’s time to meet Carbon, the next generation of Weebly.

Carbon is a total relaunch of our platform, delivering a whole new set of tools to help grow your business, enhance your site and share your story with the world. With Carbon you have more power and more control than ever before, all wrapped together with the intuitive drag and drop experience you love.

There are plenty of new elements to discover with Carbon, so let’s make some introductions.

App Center


Bring the world to your website with the brand new App Center, a dynamic collection of apps and services that you can now add to your site through simple one-click integrations.

Powerful eCommerce apps like Shippo and Switch give you new tools to run your business, while apps like the Events Calendar and Poll Creator help bring more life to your website with innovative services that connect right into your pages.

With an expanding community of app developers and innovative companies working on projects for the App Center right now, new apps are being added all the time to help your site grow like never before!

Access the App Center at any time from the new Apps tab in the Elements sidebar.

New Themes


We’ve reimagined our top 21 themes and added three stunning new ones, Oasis, Paper and Slick, that make it easy to build a beautiful website that’s completely unique to you.

Upgrading your theme is as easy as a click, and all of your content transfers seamlessly, which means your website will always be on the cutting edge of modern web design trends without worrying about manual updates. All of the new themes are responsive and show off upgraded visuals and element layouts.

All themes are available in the new Theme Gallery. It’s easy to give any theme a test run, but if you’d like to keep your old theme there’s no pressure to change.



The remodeled Dashboard is stats on steroids and gives you a single place to track essential metrics for your business. You’ll find an easy to scan overview of important activity like traffic, sales, blog comments, and orders, all laid out in summary cards.

Click on a card to go to a full screen deep dive on each metric. This will make it easier to assess website trends, understand success and find new opportunities to grow. Log in now to check it out.

** Designer and Education users won't be able to access the new Dashboard yet. **

Mobile Apps


The latest evolution of our Mobile Apps brings full drag and drop website building to all your devices, both from your tablet and on your phone. This is the mobile experience you’ve been waiting for.

Now, you can create a site, store or blog on iPhone, iPad and Android devices, along with the ability to track all your activity from the new mobile dashboard. Even better, run your business from anywhere with an upgraded eCommerce mobile experience for all devices that lets you process and fulfill orders, add products, check inventory, receive notifications when a new order is placed, and instantly accept payments.

9 New Elements


It gets better. We created 9 brand new Weebly elements that let you bring a range of additional features and functionality to your site. The new elements are all free and easy to add to your site from the App Center. These elements include: pricing table, team cards, FAQ section, call out box, table element, accordion, tab area, code syntax highlighting, and animated counter.

Editor Refresh


Even the Editor has a new look and feel, with a refreshed design and new features. The Pages tab is now in the sidebar, making Page-level editing much more convenient. Now, instead of balancing between the build and page tabs, you can seamlessly switch pages without leaving your current screen. We’ve also reimagined the element options interface, giving you a cleaner, more intuitive interface to customize and tweak the important parts of your website.

Elements API & REST APIs


We’ve done a lot of work behind the scenes for developers, too. The Elements API lets anyone create new elements for Weebly, using Mustache, LESS and Javascript. We are also launching a comprehensive set of REST APIs that include OAuth2 integration, Webhooks, and calls for blog, site, eCommerce, and membership, among many others.

Carbon includes an upgraded theme engine that supports partials, so you can now customize the HTML structure of areas like navigation, blogs, store fronts, product pages, membership, and search pages using Mustache templates.

We’ve launched a brand new Developer Center where you can read up on the docs, API reference, and download sample applications and themes that support all of this new functionality.

Behind The Name

Carbon is the third generation of Weebly (the second launched back in 2013), so we chose a name that started with the letter ‘C’. It’s one of the most interesting and versatile elements: not only is carbon the basis for all life on earth, it has a wide set of uses; it can form diamonds, carbon fiber, or graphite.

We thought it was the perfect name for the third generation of Weebly, one that brings improvements in design, an app center ecosystem, cutting edge mobile apps, a dashboard to help you manage and grow your business, a new platform for developers, and exciting new functionality.

Carbon is the culmination of many hours of hard work and collaboration from the teams in San Francisco, Scottsdale and New York. We’re really proud of the latest evolution of Weebly and we’re excited to play a small part in helping you grow your business. We’ll keep working day in and day out to help you be successful, and we always love hearing your feedback on what you’d like us to build next.

It’s a whole new world… what are you going to build?

David Rusenko
CEO, Weebly