Beta Test New Theme Features

We choose what to build next by listening to your feedback very closely, and improvements to themes and additional flexibility are your top requested features.

Our team has literally been working around the clock to get these features to you as fast as possible. Today, we're excited to finally introduce them for testing!

Page Types

With your existing theme, all the pages of your site share the same layout. This means that if you choose a theme with a large header image, every page is required to have a large header image. With page types, the layout of each page is configurable between 4 choices: a landing page, large header image, short header image, or no header image. This gives you greater flexibility and allows a more professional look.


Button Element

The new button element is simple, but powerful. Drag it on, hover over it, choose the desired style, and set the destination link. Each theme has button styles designed to match its look and feel and all buttons have hover and pressed states. Check out the examples below.


Social Media Icons & Phone Numbers

All themes now have areas for social media icons and phone numbers at the top of your site. Just hover over the icons to link them to your social media profiles and click the text to type your phone number or other message. These fields can be turned off under the "Design Options" area if desired.


All the themes in Weebly have been rebuilt from the ground up to support these new page types and features. It was a massive undertaking, and there's the possibility we missed a few things that would result in minor inconsistencies between the old and new versions of your theme.

Due to this risk, we've placed these features into a beta state that you can activate by clicking the button below.


We'll be keeping a close eye on any issues that arise to ensure full stability before introducing these features across the millions of websites on Weebly.

In addition to these features, we're putting the final touches on 20+ new, gorgeous themes that incorporate visually appealing, modern design styles. We're excited to release these themes alongside the official theme relaunch, coming soon after this beta period.

If you're feeling a bit adventurous, activate the beta now and be sure to send your feedback to!