Advanced Site Statistics

We've been hard at work on your most requested features to make Weebly even better for you, and we're excited to release one of the top requests: more advanced site statistics!


When you click on "View Stats" next to the site title, a new window will now open up that shows many more statistics, including:

  • Pageviews (everyone): how many pages on your site have been viewed?
  • Unique visitors (everyone): how many people have viewed your site?
  • Top pages (pro only): what are your top pages?
  • Search Terms (pro only): what do people search for to get to your site?
  • Referring sites (pro only): what sites are your visitors coming from?

While the Top Pages, Search Terms, and Referring Sites are only available to Pro users, all Weebly users are getting upgrades: previously, only a 7-day Pageview history was available; now, all users have access to a 30-day history of both Pageviews and Unique Visitors!

You'll notice that we've only been collecting the new data for a little over a week, so it will fill out over time. Also, because of the some of the upgrades we made to the statistics system, you'll notice that some of the stats from Wednesday, February 17th may be under-reported by a bit.

As always, we're working around the clock improving Weebly for you, and have a few more excited things to announce in the next few weeks. We appreciate your support, and thanks again for using Weebly!