A Peek Inside Weebly's Summer Internship Program

With summer at an end it’s time for our first ever intern class to pack up and leave. As this remarkably talented group scatters back across the country to their respective schools we’d like to give a peek inside life at Weebly through their eyes (we’re going to miss you guys!).

Brandon Nelson - Pennsylvania State University
Summer Project: Onboarding Automation for New Hires
Best memory: Sitting at my desk working on my first project. I heard a loud whirring sound, looked up and saw a quadcopter drone flying over my head. At least ten Weebly employees were standing around firing Nerf guns at it cheering before a dart hit one of the rotors and it crashed to the ground. I knew at this point I was definitely not in Kansas (or Pennsylvania) any more.

Jim Rottinger - College of New Jersey
Summer Project: Front-End Blogging Improvements
Advice for other internship-seekers: Recruiting is really, really hard. Trying to find a quality candidate in a haystack of resumes can be impossible work, so it’s up to you to make sure you don’t get missed. If you can, instead of of applying through an online portal or resume drop, send an email and make a phone call - anything you can do to make an impression.

Rachel Xiang - University of Michigan
Summer Project: Blog Features and Android Development
Expectation versus reality at Weebly: I expected I'd be coding something, perhaps a small intern project. I didn't expect to be treated more like an actual employee and deploying bug fixes within a few weeks!

Daniel Johnson - Cal Poly
Summer Project: Admin Tool for Customer Support
Favorite assignment: I really liked the trial project, which was Weebly's substitute for an interview. I've found that interviews often involve some obscure technical riddles, and I think that a project is a better way to gauge technical skills.

Steve Gattuso - University of Rochester
Summer Project: iOS Development
Biggest Challenge: Learning a brand new language in addition to a platform I was pretty inexperienced with. It was super fun to learn the more complex details in practice (rather than in a classroom), even if it meant crashing the compiler on an almost daily basis!

Phoebe Huang - Princeton University
Summer Project: Platform Research
Best Experience: I designed a survey to collect product feedback from people currently using Weebly Designer Platform. It was exciting when we got over 2,000 responses and also really inspiring to see how many people genuinely love using Weebly.

Lets give a big congratulations to our outstanding 2014 summer intern class! The first of many talented groups to join Weebly and make a big impact on product features and company culture. Are you, or someone you know, interested in a Weebly internship? Apply for the next internship class here.