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Chapter 6

Packing Pricing

If you’re working with a vendor who doesn’t have their prices listed online, there are a few things you can include when you’re asking for a quote that will help expedite the quoting process (and save you precious time.)

  • Quantity - To figure out what type of price breaks you’d get if you order more, ask for three different quantity tiers and see what they tell you
  • Form - Is it a box, tape, sticker, sleeve, etc
  • Size
  • Colors - how many colors do you expect your design to include
  • Special Requirements - if you want a special paper or some type of finish, this is a good time to specify that as it will significantly affect cost

If you don’t know what you need, or the terminology for what you’re looking for, that’s fine! Feel free to ask. Since you’re quoting multiple vendors, you can choose whoever’s the most helpful at this phase of the process.

How your quote will look:

  • Sleeve: - item type
  • 5.625 x 18.375 - size
  • 100# Neenah Classic Crest Epic Black Smooth Cover - thickness, paper type, and texture of paper
  • Foil Stamp 1/0, silver foil - process used to print the sleeve
  • Die cut - how the sleeve is cut to size
  • Packed flat - how it will be delivered to you
  • 1,500 = $ 3,215.00 - price for the total quantity. In this case, price has the die built in.

Pricing may also show up like this:

  • Quantity: 500
  • Price: $.58 each
  • Printing Plates: 3x $60 each
  • Total: $470

For your first round, your unit cost is effectively $0.94 each - but will drop down to $.58 each for subsequent orders.

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