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Packaging Guide

8 chapters

1. Introduction

This guide will help you understand the confusing world of packaging, and hopefully help you find creative ways to bring your packaging ideas to life.

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2. The Three Types of Packaging

When we’re talking about packaging, we’re not just talking about “boxes.” We’re talking about everything.

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3. The Seven Elements of Packaging

There’s no right solution for packaging and, like everything in a business, the choice relies on what kind of resources you have and where you want to allocate them.

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4. Packaging Best Practices

Each type of packaging has a unique set of challenges. While there’s a lot to think about for each, here’s what we’ve found are the easiest to forget — but also the easiest to focus on to make any packaging pursuit a success.

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5. Glossary of Terms

Here are a few key things to know if you start working directly with vendors on custom packaging.

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6. Packing Pricing

If you’re working with a vendor who doesn’t have their prices listed online, there are a few things you can include when you’re asking for a quote that will help expedite the quoting process (and save you precious time.)

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7. Packaging Resources

A great way to get inspiration from the very beginning of your packaging process.

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8. Conclusion

If you take the time and follow some basic tips, you can gain a lot of value out of packaging and set your brand apart from the competition.

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