Your Top eCommerce Questions Answered

We love all of the eCommerce feedback you’re sending our way and have been quickly implementing changes based on your thoughts and questions. We've heard from many of you that we've been able to fix the things you were struggling with. You’ve also told us you're really enjoying the new Weebly eCommerce, and we’re glad to hear that! We're still working on fine tuning everything, and will be making many more small changes over the coming week to address your feedback.

We created a tool to make it really easy for you to understand the capabilities of your account and sites. It's important to note that all existing store owners have been automatically grandfathered with unlimited products and no transaction fees.

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We’ve also broken down your top questions into a Q+A with links to our help articles. Our goal is to keep you fully informed on how things work and what has been updated since our launch.

Q: Are you hosting any live webcasts about the new Weebly eCommerce?

Yes! We’re offering an ongoing number of free training webcasts hosted by Richard, our Weebly Professor. Each session includes an in-depth overview of the new features & time for you to ask questions. If you can’t make it to any of the webcasts, no worries! By signing up you’ll be emailed a full recording of the webcast within 24 hours.

Q: How can I add products to my store?

There are 2 ways to add products to your store -- either by dragging on a product element or in the new Store tab under Products. When adding a product element, you now have the choice between connecting to an existing product or adding a new one.

Q. What is a Store page and why should I have one?

A Store page is your store homepage and it automatically organizes all your products and categories. Go to Pages > Add Page to add a Store page to your site. Click here for more details.

Q. Why do my products look different now?

We've improved the design of your product elements to help them better match the look and feel of your site. Under Design > Change Fonts, you'll see new options to customize your product elements. If you don't like the new look, just enable legacy mode under Store > Settings > Display.

Q: How do I manage my existing store in the new store design?

Weebly has a new "Store" tab to help you manage all aspects of your store, including adding and editing products. If you already have products, they will automatically appear. Here you can track your sales, see your order details, and adjust other settings like tax and shipping, if you wish. We’ve written a short guide to help you adjust to this new setup.

Q: When do you charge a 3% transaction fee?

If you are an existing store owner, we will never charge you a transaction fee. You can use our new tool to see the specific capabilities of your account.

For new store owners, no transaction fee is charged if they're on the Business plan and a 3% fee is charged if they have Free, Starter, or Pro plans.

Q. Why is there a cart in my menu?

A cart link will show in your navigation menu if your store is set to "Add to Cart" mode. You can change your mode to "Buy Now" under Store > Settings > General and the cart link will disappear. In the future, we will provide other ways for you display a cart on your site outside of the navigation menu.

Q. How do I add options to products like size and color?

We've created this guide to help you out.

Q. Can I try the Business plan features for free?

The Business plan offers some additional features such as inventory tracking, digital goods, shipping & tax calculations, and checkout on your own domain (instead of Unfortunately you can't try these features for free; however, if you upgrade and don't like what you see, we'll gladly refund you within 30 days. If you upgrade before Nov 19th, you can also enjoy 33% off.

We are very appreciative of your feedback and thank you for helping us improve our eCommerce features to better meet your needs as entrepreneurs. We'd love to hear more from you in the comments.