New Responsive Themes: Saucy, Unite and Redux

We just added three exclusive new responsive designs to our ever-growing theme library. Going forward, all new themes will be responsive, maintaining a consistent and cohesive experience for your site across all devices. Now, let’s meet Unite, Saucy and Redux.



Unite brings together the best of classic web design elements with modern flair and a neutral palette to put the focus back on your content. Created with versatility in mind, Unite is beautifully responsive and features gallery hover effects that showcase your photos and words with both elegance and ease.




Unite’s fixed-body design works well for classy and sophisticated lifestyle brands and bloggers, and complements artisan eCommerce and boutique service websites. The fixed navigation at the top of every page ensures a great user experience for your visitors — no one is getting lost on your website!

Try Unite now by switching themes, it only takes a minute!


Saucy is another sleek, minimalist theme — but with a distinctly modern appeal. The full-width, yet fully responsive design puts your content in the spotlight no matter what device your visitor is using. And Saucy’s cheeky palette doesn’t overwhelm the aesthetic of your site or your images.





The theme has several built-in features perfect for an eCommerce boutique or bespoke service agency. The drop-down cart in the navigation bar expands to full-screen so your visitors can easily see what’s in their cart at any moment. To accommodate this, we’ve built the logo into the header, rather than the top navigation bar. We’ve also added the search feature into the navigation on mobile and tablet layouts. The end result? A fully functional, beautiful shopping experience your customers will love!

Update your site with Saucy through Design > Change Theme from the Site Builder.


Looking for something with an innovative edge for your agency, startup or business website? Check out the flat design, bold palette options and unique navigation features of Redux. The collapsable menu makes a lasting first impression on your visitors by showcasing your front-page content in a clutter-free environment. Just in case visitors get lost, Redux includes a spotlight search in the top bar — a brand new feature in the Weebly theme collection.





In addition to the styled search and hidden navigation, Redux is fully responsive, so you can rest assured that your content will look gorgeous and professional on any device.

You can find and update your site with Redux in the Change Theme gallery.

Whether your plan is to re-imagine your web presence with one of these new themes, or stay the course with your current design, we’d love to hear your feedback on Unite, Saucy and Redux. Let us know which features you love and which features you would love to see in future theme updates.