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YouTube Integration

Easily embed videos from YouTube and other video sharing sites onto your Weebly website. Adjust spacing and presentation elements on your live site with Weebly's simple video embed tool, or utilize the YouTube feature for more advanced and fluid use of YouTube videos. Weebly's video player options give you expert control over your website's media elements. You can also embed videos from other services like Vimeo.

YouTube Integration


您也可以直接将视频文件上传至 Weebly。直接上传的文件将自动从您的 Weebly 网站转变为可播放格式。访客无需下载任何文件或打开独立的媒体播放器即可查看您的视频。您可以通过 Weebly 托管内容,自信地向您的访客提供优质的媒体内容。