100% responsive lightbox widget which supports Youtube and Vimeo videos


Supports youtube auto thumbnail and stops the playing video automatically when lightbox is closed


Define custom thumbnail for youtube and vimeo video

Video Lightbox widget lets you show Youtube or Vimeo videos in responsive lightbox.

Widget shows 100% responsive lightbox videos with the ability to define custom thumbnail images.

For Youtube videos, auto thumbnail functionality is available i.e thumbnail image is automatically generated from video.

User can also define custom thumbnail image for Youtube or Vimeo video.
All in One

Video Type
Youtube and Vimeo videos are supported
Unique ID
Let's say that user place 3 videos in same page then each video should have unique ID number (any unique number 1,2,3, etc.)
Video ID
Youtube and Vimeo video ID's can be found in URL's e.g,
Youtube Auto Thumbnail
If true image thumbnail will be automatically generated from Youtube video
Custom Image Thumbnail
Custom thumbnail image can be defined for Youtube or Vimeo video by providing the image URL
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