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Brand Building Guide

6 chapters

1. Introduction

This guide will provide you with actionable information that can actually help you build a successful brand.

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2. What Is a Brand?

A brand is the direct expression of you or your business’ values, principles and voice.

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3. Elements of Branding

Let’s take a look at a few important stats to give you a sense of how much brand encompasses and how to break down each component.

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4. Define Your Brand Personality

While visuals are certainly important, it’s usually more helpful to start with a clear understanding of what your brand is, who you’re targeting and the story or value you’re trying to sell.

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5. Branding Tools

While brand should be applied to everything you do, there are a few basic elements to consider and tools to help you achieve desired look and feel.

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6. Conclusion

The main takeaway here is that as long as you’re considering brand as an essential part of your business, and as long as your brand is true to what your company stands for, you’re taking the first steps toward building something that will last.

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