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The Drag and Drop Editor

Weebly’s drag and drop website builder makes it easy to create a powerful, professional website without any technical skills. Over 40 million entrepreneurs and small businesses have already used Weebly to build their online presence with a website, blog or store.

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Power Your Site with Elements

Content elements (like text, photos, maps, and videos) are added to your website by simply dragging and dropping them into place. Text is edited just like in a word processor. Building your website is done in real-time, right from your web browser. There's absolutely nothing to install and no upgrades to worry about.

Additional Features

Video Backgrounds

Impress your visitors with high quality video backgrounds. Choose from Weebly's free video library or upload your own unique video to make header images and sections stand out. Video backgrounds give your website a sense of energy and dynamism that helps impress visitors and sets your site apart from the competition.

Custom Headers

Drag and drop slideshows, videos and dynamic content into your website header to create a memorable experience for visitors with a fully customizable header. With custom headers you have the flexibility to build impactful pages that drive sales and keep your audience engaged.

Full Width Image and Color Backgrounds

Create unique, modern designs with the customizable image and color backgrounds. Every full width section you drag and drop onto your page works like its own mini-site and can contain multiple design elements like color backgrounds, text, images and video. These new elements allow you to add more variety and customization by stacking independent sections into your page layout.