Easy Video Hosting

Embed or host videos directly on your website.

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Video Hosting - Mint and Mirth
Video Hosting and Upload Video Hosting and Upload

YouTube Integration

Easily embed videos from YouTube and other video sharing sites onto your Weebly website. Adjust spacing and presentation elements on your live site with Weebly's simple video embed tool, or utilize the YouTube feature for more advanced and fluid use of YouTube videos. Weebly's video player options give you expert control over your website's media elements. You can also embed videos from other services like Vimeo.

YouTube Integration

Video Hosting and Upload

You can also upload video files directly to Weebly. Direct uploads will automatically convert for playback straight from your Weebly website. Visitors won't have to download any files or open a separate media player to view your video. You can host the content through Weebly and serve up high-quality media confidently to your visitors.