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Create custom forms and manage submissions

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Drag and Drop Forms

Weebly's drag and drop online form builder makes it easy to build custom contact forms, RSVP lists, and surveys. Integrate these elements into your website for a variety of unique engagement and data gathering options.

Additional Features

Flexibility and Customization

Customize a form by dragging and dropping new fields (such as text boxes, drop down menus, and checkboxes) into any configuration. Fully customize questions and response types to create the specific form type you need. Control the settings for each field and add different elements to craft a customized contact form experience.

Gather, Review and Collect Data

The Weebly online form builder makes it easy to store and access your form responses. When a form entry is submitted by a visitor to your website, an email is sent to the address of your choice with the data. The data is also stored on your site's dashboard for easy review. You can export this data to a spreadsheet for future analysis. A powerful file drop box element also accepts documents, pictures, or other file uploads from your visitors. You can even control confirmation messaging after submission.