Increase your site's performance and grow! Add Web-Stat to your site (it's free!) and watch people interact with your pages in real time.


Learn how people find your site. Get details about each visitor’s path through your site and track pages that turn browsers into buyers.


One-click install. Detect locations, operating systems, browsers and screen sizes and get alerts for new visitors and conversions

Know your visitors & Grow your site. Add Web-Stat for free!

Frustrated by noisy, complicated analytics? How can you be 100% sure your site is working as it should? Join thousands of site owners just like you and get simple tools to help you understand your traffic so you can take action and grow your business.

  1. Add Web-Stat to your site FREE in one click
  2. Watch people interact with your site LIVE
  3. Increase performance and grow your business
  • Beautiful, user-friendly reports
  • Full details about each visitor’s path through your site, including pages they stay on the longest and pages they leave quickly
  • Learn how visitors find your site
  • Track pages that turn browsers into buyers
  • Detect location, operating system, browser and screen size of each visitor
  • Get alerts for new visitors and conversions
  • Option to display a visitor counter

Who are we?

Web-Stat has been designing traffic analysis systems since 1997 and currently serves 130,000 web sites worldwide. Our emphasis is to provide stats that are accurate and friendly enough to be understood by anyone, even those who don't have a background in data analysis.

You can count on us to be:

  • Easy to understand and use
  • Real-time and reliable
  • Responsive to your needs

We accurately measure all the data that we present (we do not 'guesstimate' our stats) and show it in a format that anyone can grasp in a few minutes.

Finally, if you need help, have any questions at all, or have feedback on how we can make Web-Stat even better, we are here for you, and yes, a human being will answer your message and do so quickly: you can contact us at any time!

This app offers a 30-day free trial


Live visitor details
See your last 100 visitors in real-time, including IP, location, browser, OS, screen size, referrer and entrance page
Track all your referrers
Track all the sites and search engines that send tracking to your website
Track your visits over time
Track your visits, first time and repeat, over time
Browser, OS & screen size detection
Detect the browsers, OS and types of screens used to view your site
Full traffic maps
See your recent visitors on an interactive world map
Get alerts for new visitors
Receive an email alert every time a visitor comes to your site (if you enable this feature)
Receive your stats report via email
Last 1,000 visitors
Keep a record of the last 1,000 visitors (instead of 100)
Page views and navigation
Measure the page views and click paths on your site, including average time spent on each page
Bounce rates and visits depths
Measure the bounce rates and visit depths for your site over time and easily see the impact of changes on your visitors' behavior
Time on site
Get precise measurements of the time visitors spend looking at your site. Track this metric over time to see the impact of any changes you have made on visitors' engagement
Dowtime alerts and connect time measurements
Get an alert if your site ever goes down, and measure the time it takes for a user to establish a connection. Follow this metric over time.
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    Sue Simonich Dec 28, 2018
    I really like this app and the way that it is laid out. I only wish there was a way to use it to block IPs.

    Web-Stat Jun 24, 2019

    Sue, Please forgive the late answer. For some reason we did not get notified of your review. You can not actually prevent IPs from looking at your site, but you can tell Web-Stat to ignore certain IPs and exclude them from the stats. To do this, go to the Settings Panel > Exclusions and enter the IP to exclude in the IP exclusion box. If you have any further questions, please go to and we'll get right back to you!

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