Get website analytics displayed in a user-friendly manner: visitors, page traffic, user paths, referrals, devices


Watch user session replays to get valuable insights about how visitors are interacting with the site


Ensures 100% GDPR and privacy compliant tracking

Visitor Analytics is more than a user-friendly alternative to Google Analytics and to other complicated website analytics tools. It offers real-time statistics of the users visiting your site, using a clean interface, without cluttered graphs and overwhelming data.

Get a complete overview of everything that is related to the management of website data, from stats about visitors, page traffic and referrals, to valuable insights into user behavior. The app enables you to watch real videos of what visitors do on your website. All of the features are GDPR-compliant and respect privacy 100%. The website owner is the sole owner of the data and is in total control of it. There is no cross-tracking and no selling of data to third parties.

Why choose Visitor Analytics?

  • An app that couples essential website analytics stats with user behavior insights.
  • 100% GDPR and CCPA compliant tool. All the features are checked by a team of legal experts who can confirm that the way Visitor Analytics uses personal data respects the privacy of the individual.
  • Ease of use. Unlike other tools, Visitor Analytics provides all the data website owners need, without being overwhelming. You don’t need to be a data analytics specialist to interpret your stats.
  • Independent website tracking system and no ads.
  • Plans adapted to the actual size and needs of all types of companies. All features are available in all plans.
  • Real-time data. See all the stats at the exact moment users are browsing your site.

Join us on our journey and all of our efforts will be directed into constantly upgrading our services to match all of your website management needs.

This app offers a 30-day free trial



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