Easily add beautiful video galleries to your website with TubePress. Just choose your videos and customize the look.

TubePress helps you attract and retain visitors to your site by engaging them with your curated video library. Populate your galleries from a wide range of YouTube and Vimeo video feeds and let TubePress keep your galleries up to date. You have complete control over the entire process - everything from which videos you display, to where the videos play, to the look and layout of the thumbnails.


  • Add unlimited video galleries anywhere you'd like throughout your website.
  • Comprehensive video sources - Choose from nearly any YouTube or Vimeo feed.
  • Multi-source galleries - Combine multiple video feeds into a single, unified gallery.
  • Lightning fast - TubePress delivers your galleries nearly instantaneously.
  • Fully responsive - Looks and works perfectly on virtually any device.
  • Customizable thumbnails - Set the thumbnail sizes, thumbnails per page, and overall layout.
  • Embedded player options - Change the appearance and behavior of video playback.
  • Video meta display - Select which information (view count, description, etc.) is shown.
  • Plus many more options!


Please enjoy a 30-day free trial then choose from one of our three payment plans:

  • $6.99 / month
  • $69.99 / year (get two months free!)
  • $149.99 / three years (save over $100!)

We accept all major credit cards and PayPal, and you may share a single TubePress account across all of your Weebly websites.

This app offers a 30-day free trial


Your Videos on Your Site - Automatically
Select from a wide range of YouTube and Vimeo video feeds.
Beautiful Video Playback
Choose from several video player locations and looks.
Customizable, High-Quality Thumbnails
Impress your users with crisp, sharp looking thumbnails at nearly any size.
Fully Cross-Platform
Your videos will play perfectly on virtually any device.
Lots of Video Player Options
Change the size, color, and all the fine-grained playback options of the embedded video player.
Control Over the Video Meta Display
Choose which information (author, description, rating, etc.) shows with each video, and control the formatting.
Auto-Next Playback
Keep your visitors' attention by automatically starting the next video in the gallery after playback finishes.
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    Mike Aug 31, 2016
    I like, brings entire video playlist into site. Very cool output. Saves so much time and updates. Worth the Price

    TubePress Jul 20, 2016

    We're glad that you are enjoying TubePress. Thanks!

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