Estimates time it will take to read a blog post


10+ customizations for limitless possibilities


Responsive design adapts to all screens

A more informative blog reading experience for your visitors.

Inspired by a feature made popular by Medium, Timepiece is a premium Weebly App that automatically calculates how long it may take a visitor to read a blog post and displays the estimate in a beautiful new toolbar along with the date and comment counter.

Using intelligent design, Timepiece will scan your blog posts and calculate the estimated Read Time at 1 minute per 200 words. Timepiece adds a beautiful Read Time element to the top of your blog posts and transforms the Date and Comments elements that appear with it. Every detail was meticulously designed, developed, and tested by real users and Weebly experts to ensure an excellent user experience.

Timepiece customizations include:

  • Automatically added to every blog post
  • Control the appearance of Read Time, Date, and Comments
  • Activate, disable, and rearrange all elements
  • Change color and weight of icons
  • Change background color of each element
  • Change text color, size, weight, and style
  • Choose from over 300 fonts
  • Add rounded corners
  • Add transparency
  • Add or remove padding at top and bottom

Getting started with Timepiece is easy and intuitive:

  1. First, click into your footer from any page and drag and drop the Timepiece element into it. This is to make editing Timepiece possible and so that it will appear on all of your blog posts. Rest assured that it won't appear in the footer on your published website. Toggle the 'Incognito' setting to On to show the Timepiece element on just your blog page(s) in the editor.
  2. Next, click on the Timepiece element and select 'Configure Timepiece' to reorder or hide items, select a font, and change the color scheme. Click the green ‘Save’ button when finished, followed by the Back to Weebly button or the X at the top right to return to your website.
  3. Personalize the look of Timepiece through the popup settings menu in the editor. Choose icon weight, background settings, container spacing settings, text options and more. Hover over individual settings to get more information. Lastly, publish your website to see changes.

Before you buy:

  • Buy with confidence! Timepiece comes with a 100% money back guarantee
  • Due to limitations, Timepiece only appears on the blog POST pages. There is an option to disable it on the main blog page to prevent conflicting styles
  • Timepiece MUST be dropped into your footer to work, it will not appear in the footer on your published website
  • This app is compatible with standard Weebly themes only. Custom themes or Weebly themes with custom code may not work and are not supported

Have questions or need a little extra help?

We’re always happy to hear from people like you. Visit our support page or send us an email at and our team will respond within 24-48 hours, Monday through Friday, 9:00am EST to 5:00pm EST.


Timepiece was handcrafted by Flat Iron Foundry.

Flat Iron Foundry is part of New York Ave, a world-class digital marketing agency that builds beautiful websites with Weebly. We believe in pairing an understanding of psychology with human-centered design to create more effective solutions for business.


100% Money Back Guarantee
If you're not 100% satisfied, our team will work to make it right or issue you an immediate refund.
10+ Customizations
Toggle and reorder elements, choose colors, set opacity, add rounded corners, change alignment, and more.
Responsive Design
Works on all screen sizes, all devices, and all resolutions.
Weebly Theme Compatible
This app is compatible with standard Weebly themes only.
Lifetime Updates
Updates, patches, and new features are made available for no extra cost.
Lifetime Support
Limited email support provided by real-people who care; all based in the United States.
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    starsmall starsmall starsmall starsmall starsmall
    Ellis Anderson Jan 04, 2019
    I publish on Medium too, so love this app. It's clean, easy to install and adds a professional polish to my page. Favorite thing - it doesn't have to be installed on each blog post - that's taken care of automatically! Also, the date box replaces Weebly's automatic one, so you don't have two dates at the top. Love your blog apps! Please keep them coming!

    Timepiece Jan 07, 2019

    Thanks so much for the kind words, Ellis! We're so glad to hear you love it. Happy blogging!

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