OpenMenu is changing the way restaurants get their deals, coupons and specials online. Put your deals in front of your customers and potential customers, not deal hunters. Where your menu is, your deals and coupons will be, or promote directly to Twitter and Facebook. A deal/coupon solution that has proven to work for restaurants.

Getting started is easy:
1. Get a free account at OpenMenu
2. Enter your restaurant's menu in our easy-to-use menu manager
3. Start promoting your deals & coupons by entering your OpenMenu ID in the Weebly editor

That's it. Your deals & coupons are now automatically displayed. Add a new deal, turn a deal off, and it will be automatically updated on your Weebly website.

For a sample deal use the OpenMenu ID of "sample" (no quotes).

Need help getting started? Check out our help article on Adding a Deal / Coupon.

Important: For the best experience of entering/managing your menu on OpenMenu please visit directly.

Premium Plus

Fully Managed Deals/Coupons
Deals & Coupons fully managed by the restaurant
One Deal / Coupon Per Month
Unlimited Deals / Coupons Per Month
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