Target your ads to the right audience


Automate the addition of new customers


Optimise your Facebook spending

  • Display Relevant Ads : Spend your advertising dollars on the most efficient ads by targeting the right audience
  • Target Lookalikes : Use Facebooks Lookalike audience capabilities to find new customers who are just like the ones you already have
  • Save Time : For the most effective (and non-spammy) Custom Audience campaigns, you need an up-to-date list. Updating automatically means you always show relevant ads.

Finding New Customers

With Lookalike Audience you can target people who are similar to people who have already purchased products from your store. You can then use this audience to build a Lookalike Audience and find similar people on Facebook to target them with ads designed to acquire new customers.

Excluding Existing Customers

In some cases you want to exclude people from seeing your Facebook campaign. For example, when you run campaigns to acquire new customers, you might want to exclude people who recently purchased your products.


What about Facebook Pixels?

Pixels offer only part of any solution. To work they require the user to be logged into Facebook, not using private browsing and not have an ad blocker installed. By tracking the user at the source we guarantee a perfect match every time.

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