Hint... Hint... "Drop A Hint" - Tell Someone Special what you wish for!

Receive The Present You Really Want! Or help someone get The Present they really want! DROP A HINT enables the visitors to your website to Capture and Send their wishes in the privacy of an e-mail, via stylish "Hint Cards".
    1. The App allows you to simultaneously display up to 4 differently styled cards, including Animated GIFs. and "Capture Hinted Item" cards. Those are cards that will not only display your artwork but capture and display on the card the exact item being hinted!
    1. Every Hint Card can be further customized with its own unique message. Our App has unlimited customization options to seamlessly integrate with your unique store.
    1. DROP A HINT UPSELL option - you can set an automated follow up coupons to go out to either the Sender of the Hint, the Receiver of the Hint or both.
    1. DROP A HINT App will allow your visitors to send their wishes elegantly and discretely using our app, without the need to create an account. DROP A HINT App will store both emails (sender and receiver) into your e-mail database for further marketing and communication purposes. Integrate the collected e-mails with your MailChimp account or export them externally for further use.
    1. Get instant notifications every time an item was hinted!
    1. Advanced analytics that will allow you to better understand your customers and their interaction with your store.
    1. One-click installation process that requires NO coding or altering your store. The app will automatically place itself under your "ADD TO CART” button.
    1. Responsive Integration across ALL devices. PC, Smart Phones and Tablets - DROP A HINT displays beautifully everywhere.
    1. Last but not least - we have made our App truly diverse - you can edit all text fields, button names etc. within the app's panel and use the language that best suits your customers.
    We offer complimentary - initial set-up assistance. Complimentary presets for Hint Cards and Coupons as well as Call for Action Icons. Our graphic designers have put together extensive galleries of Hint Card presets for a variety of store categories as well as a variety of holidays and occasions.
    IN SHORT - How does DROP A HINT App work in your store?
    “DROP A HINT” is an option displayed under your "ADD TO CARD" button, that allows your customers to send their wishes in a stylish Hint Card. The Hint receiver gets the Hint Card, that is a live-link to the exact product the browsing visitor "hinted".

    7 days Risk Free Trial, after this trial period you have the option to upgrade to any of our premium plans.


    $9.90 - $19.90 Monthly
  • This app offers a 7-day free trial



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      Tim Watson Feb 04, 2019
      Doesn't work at all for Weebly.
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