Install Facebook Pixel with No Tech Skills


Track Site Visitors and Convert Them to Clients


Retargeted Visitors are 70% More Likely to Convert

AdPixel creates Facebook Pixel on your website and tracks all the visitors. No tech skills needed. Start tracking visitors to convert them into clients!

What is Facebook Pixel?

In a few words, it’s a piece of code that should be added to all the pages on your website, so Facebook can collect and identify your website visitors. Later on you can use it for creating effective Ads and boost your sales significantly comparing to inefficient Ads for the unknown audiences.

What can I use Facebook Pixel for?

Once the Pixel is installed, you are able to:
  • Start tracking your website visitors as a Facebook audience for the future Ads
  • Create retargeting on Facebook, showing your Ads to those who already visited your website or even have completed some actions on it, e.g. had an abandoned cart
  • Convert visitors to paid clients, not just loose them
  • Target Ads with special deals on specific group of people, e.g. your recent сustomers
  • Create Look alike audience based on your existing clients to find more like them for less money

Why do I need to install AdPixel?

Retargeted visitors are 70% more likely to convert! It’s a proven data. This is the only Weebly app that creates Facebook Pixel for your website with no pain. So you can set up retargeting and boost your sales. You don't need to know tech or read boring endless manuals. We are here to make it for you as simple as possible.


Facebook Pixel
Install Facebook Pixel on your Website to Track Visitors
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    Adriana Kuts Oct 31, 2017
    OMG, I once tried to install FB pixel to my previous website - and it was not successful (don't know why, I'm really bad in tech stuff). With this app it was easy. I had questions and got a solution in 15 minutes. It's nice. Seems like I'll fill in my blog with my travel stories and then do the retargeting for my visitors when new post is coming - for readers not to miss it. Yay!
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