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Custom code, SSL certificates, Membership and more!

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HTML Control

Full HTML/CSS Control

Power users have full control over the HTML and CSS used in the website theme. This means that you can completely customize the look and feel of the site, while also taking advantage of the Weebly drag and drop editor to create the website content. Our built-in theme editor provides you with a real-time preview of the changes made to the theme's code. You can also add custom Javascript to your site.

Password Protected Pages Password Protected Pages

Password-Protected Pages

Enable password protection to stop unauthorized visitors from seeing your website. You can require a password for your whole website, or just individuals pages.

Additional Features

No Forced Advertising

It's simple — we don't force advertising on your website. No banner advertisements, no pop-ups, no pop-unders – nothing! We understand that your website is your home on the Internet, and frankly, it would be awfully rude for someone to place ads on your home, so we don't. If you'd like to include your own ads, feel free. We even have Google Adsense integration to help with the process. But rest assured knowing that we would never force our ads on your site.

Create Your Own Membership Experience

Build a membership program that lets members access special content on your website. You can add new members, manage them in groups and control which pages they can see. Add a register button to your website and allow visitors to sign up to your membership site. You can automatically approve new members or manually review each one, with the option to receive alerts whenever a new member joins.

SSL Certificates and DDoS Mitigation

If you’re concerned about security you can automatically add a SSL certificate to your Weebly site. SSL ensures that visitors navigate your site over a secure 128-bit encrypted connection. When using eCommerce this feature enables customers to checkout directly on your domain. All sites are also protected by a DDoS mitigation service for advanced cyber attack protection.