Code Editor

Full customization with Weebly's Code Editor

Customize your website to add extra layers of personalization and design

If you have coding knowledge and want to add more features to your Weebly site beyond what the templates and elements provide, you can easily make changes in the Code Editor. Here, you can edit the HTML and CSS of your theme, as well as use an Embed Code element on specific content areas. Weebly's Code Editor is for individuals with technical expertise that want to adjust the look and feel of their site. Remember that making changes in the Code Editor may change your site's CSS which could result in unwanted changes to the rest of your website. You can view changes you make to your CSS file in the preview below if you have the Auto Preview box checked.

The Weebly Code Editor is available for all plans: Sign Up Now

Adjust your theme

If you're experienced with HTML and CSS, you can make tweaks to your Weebly theme

Some customers want to go above and beyond their theme's design, and make changes on their own. Each Weebly theme is fully designed to be used right out of the box, but let's say your users or clients are requesting a slight adjustment to your website, the Weebly Code Editor allows you to make minor tweaks without completely redesigning your website from scratch. It is highly recommended that anyone using the Weebly Code Editor to make changes to a theme has advanced knowledge and experience with HTML and CSS, especially since any changes to the theme may result in changes to all pages of your site. You can access the HTML and CSS Code Editor from the Themes tab of your account's dashboard.

Use the Embed Code element to easily customize your site

Embed your existing media and content

Don’t worry if you’re not well-versed in HTML and CSS but have existing media, content and resources on other platforms that you'd like to include on your website, you can use the Embed Code element. In order to embed this type of content, you'll need to click the < / > Embed Code icon and drag the element to your page wherever you want the embedded content to appear. Once you copy the embed code from the external source, simply click inside the Embed Code element and select Edit Custom HTML. Then, paste the code in place. Once you click outside of the element, your content should show up. Some types of code do not display instantly, and if that does occur you can still publish the changes to your site to view.

Add Third-Party Widgets

Bring the power of external widgets to your website

Adding widgets to pages can make your entire website more user-friendly and ultimately create fewer friction points for your visitors. Rather than force them to click from link to link and site to site in order to complete a task, for example when booking a class or scheduling an appointment, you can add third-party widgets that are embedded seamlessly and displayed beautifully all within your website.