Why Your Blog Isn’t Getting More Attention

  •    Daniel is the co-founder and CMO/COO for BoostSuite, the co-marketing tool that helps small businesses run successful online marketing programs in less than an hour a week.

You’ve put everything you can into each and every blog post you’ve written and no one seems to be reading. So what gives? No one is biting, and you’re left sitting at your laptop feeling confused and frustrated. Here are few tips and strategies to help you get to the bottom of this dilemma.


How many times have you asked, “What do I want to accomplish with my blog and how do I measure those goals?” Without accurate metrics to measure success against, you are, at best, looking for a needle in a haystack. There are a lot of tools out there you can use like Google Analytics or Core Metrics to measure the people coming to your blog and what they are most interested in. If you are concerned about the topics of your content not being adequate, you can use tools to analyze your audience and provide topic recommendations. Once you see how people are behaving in regards to all of your content, the adjustments you make in regards to your strategy will be measurable by data and not just hunches.

Don’t Just Say It, Believe It

All good blogs needs to have the personality and passion of the writer behind them. Your audience needs to feel that passion so they can share it. The enthusiasm you create your blog with will be easier to interpret via social media versus a more passive medium if you’ve already found your voice. Being robotic and passive in your blog post will only insure one thing; no repeat customers. By insuring a connection with the reader you secure your blog over another with similar content.

Visibility with the right audience

When you first start putting your blogs out there you need to be mindful of where you are placing them, because just like in real estate, you need to repeat one thing to yourself: location, location, location. When your blog content is for a specific audience, where you select to display your blog matters. Co-marketing services help you identify audiences that would be more likely to be excited about reading your blog instead of just passively giving it the once over and never engaging the material. Look at possibly utilizing Facebook advertising, starting a live tweet conversation about the topic of the blog, or starting a Pinterest and Tumblr to get attention. Try using visuals like infographics to entice people to read the content you’re advertising. Consider using services like Canva to create visuals even if you are not a natural artist.