Video Marketing: How to Use Good Videos to Increase Sales

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As the second article in the Good Videos Series, let's assume you've already made some good videos. Now it's time think about video marketing.

No matter how good a video happens to be, it doesn't accomplish much if people aren't watching it (or it isn't helping to grow your business). How can you start putting your good videos to work? Think brand awareness, conversions and retention.

Brand Awareness

Videos are a fantastic way to build brand awareness. No one, however, is going to seek out your videos on their own. Which means that before your videos can be used to create brand awareness, you have to make people aware of your videos. That's two levels of awareness! Are you going to need to make a video series to promote your video series now?

Probably not, seeing as you're likely running ads for your business on Facebook, Instagram, other websites and wherever else you can, you may want to use your new videos to improve the performance of those ads. If you're not using Facebook for advertising, it's a good idea to do so (same thing is true for other forms of social media). We even have a guide that'll walk you through the process.

When working with Facebook or other online platforms, it's highly recommended you add subtitles to your videos since people are doing fifteen other things while surfing the internet and likely won't hear sound for your video unless they choose to turn it. Up to 85% of Facebook video is watched without the sound on, which is why Facebook recently added a feature to automatically caption uploaded videos—a feature you'll want to take advantage of if you don't create your own subtitles.


Did you know that after watching a video that 64% of potential customers are more likely to purchase a product or service? Or that simply including a video on a landing page can increase conversions by 80%? Research from HubSpot and Hyperfine Media tells us that this is the case.

There are a few ways you might want to leverage video marketing to increase conversions:

  1. Embed a story video on your homepage, so that customers can learn what makes your business unique.
  2. Place a marketing video alongside your product(s), so customers can see the product in action while learning more about your business.
  3. Create testimonial videos that enable current customers to tell potential ones exactly what it is that makes your products and services fantastic. Weebly has its own powerful series of testimonial videos if you need some inspiration.
  4. Add a looping header background video to various pages on your site. These can easily be added to any and all Weebly themes and make the page more dynamic. With these kinds of videos, though, it's important that you keep them short (30 seconds at the very most) and focus entirely on your strongest visuals since visitors won't be able to hear any audio from a background vid.


It's not just about getting customers but keeping customers. Did you know that 40% of a store's revenue is driven by 8% of its customers? It's true. These are your most loyal, repeat customers. It follows, then, that increasing the number of your repeat customers is the best way to increase revenue. What kind of videos can help with that?

  • Explainer videos. After a customer makes a purchase, email them a video that walks through how to use the product and/or a video that provides tips on ways to use it they might not have known on their own. You're an expert about your product. Customers would love to hear your expertise.
  • In-depth story videos. Give existing customers a behind-the-scenes look at your business. Show-off your space. Introduce them to employees. This will make them feel closer to your company, especially since you're running a small business. Almost everyone wants to root for the little guy versus the likes of Walmart and Amazon (no matter how much we may shop with both). Customers are more likely to return again if they feel like they know you.
  • Announcements. When you make an update or add a new product, announce it via video. This will generate more attention than text or pictures alone.

When making a video, decide how you want to use it before you start shooting and tailor it to that use—announcement, testimonial, etc. The more specific the purpose for your video, the more likely it is that your video marketing will have a bigger impact on your bottom line. No matter how cool your video is, how amazing the drone shots look, how fantastic the music sounds, creating a video that increases engagement and sales is ultimately what matters most.