Optimize for What Matters: Time Management Strategies for 2019

  •    Alena Courtney is a Content Marketing and Organic Growth Manager at Weebly.

Time is a precious commodity, especially for hustling entrepreneurs. Yet we often lose track of where the hours disappear to after answering emails, rushing to meetings, picking the kids up from school, walking to the dog — the list goes on.

If there's one thing to strive for in 2019, it's to invest your time in what matters most. Start the year off right with tried-and-true time management strategies that will help you make good on your resolutions.

Work smarter, not harder
No matter how hard you try to squeeze in every last item on your to-do list, the reality is that you can't achieve everything while maintaining your health (and sanity) without working more efficiently. Learn how to tackle high priority items that will have the largest impact, while still leaving gas in your tank to prevent burn out.

Defy distraction and get more done
There are as many time management techniques as there are distractions to keep you from making the most of your time. Among the most effective for task management are the Pomodoro technique, Power Hour, or Eat the Frog. Find what works best for you (and if we literally mean eating a frog).

The art of time management
Take a page from the book of Michael Cao, founder of 3D printer manufacturer IC3D Printers. He demonstrates how you can succeed in both your day job and your entrepreneurial venture, while also building strong personal relationships. Learn how to utilize undivided attention, list-making, virtual assistance, and more.

Don't forget about your personal relationships
It's easy to get caught up in the day-to-day at the expense of relationships with loved ones. Most personal conflict revolves around money and spending time together — both of which are under even more pressure in families with entrepreneurs. Care for your relationships and bolster your success with strategies to achieve work-life balance.

Try a few, or all, of these time management strategies and you may surprise yourself with just how much you're able to achieve in 2019.

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