How to Create Product Images that Drive Holiday Sales

  •    Carrie is a designer and content marketer. She works promoting the Roanoke Region of Virginia and has more than 10 years of media and marketing experience.

One of the biggest drivers for traffic online this holiday season will be images. (Did you know that 78 percent of shoppers want product images?)

But, not just any product image will do. To capture the attention of shoppers, you need to use high-quality product images that stand out. Fortunately, you can do it with a smartphone and a solid plan of attack.

You can check whether or not your images are high quality based on blurriness, brightness, composition, and more by uploading them to the Weebly Photo Analyzer.


You've seen those websites with great holiday product photos that just seem to jump off the screen. You can create these yourself with a little bit of planning. The key is thinking about how the photo will look by composing it in a way that wows.

Start with a clean background. Nothing makes a mess of an image like a cluttered background. Place your product on a white or light background or natural surface such as a wood table. Remove everything else from view. Messy papers, a dirty tabletop or a dead plant in the background can instantly ruin a photo.

Frame the image so that there's plenty of room around the edges. This will give you some wiggle room to crop it later. Don't feel like the product has to be in the exact center of the image. Consider using a thirds grid to frame objects.

Make sure the perspective is accurate. Photos that are tilted in unusual ways can be jarring when you look at them. A straight on photo is best.

Don't settle for photos of your product sitting on a table. Grab a model, put them in holiday garb and have them use the product in photos. Smiling people are way more engaging and utilizing models can also show shoppers how your product works.

Technical Photo Tips

When planning a holiday photo shoot, keep a few technical aspects of amateur photography top of mind.

Make sure the focus of the photo features your product or service. If it has a label, make sure the product is right side up and the label is clearly visible.

Turn off the flash before taking photos with your phone. Stage photography in natural light for the best results.

Check the resolution settings to ensure that your image will look great at large sizes. (Posting that image on your Weebly website? Images should be at least 1,194 pixels wide by 818 pixels tall.)

Consider the aspect ratio of photos. The aspect ratio is the relationship between the height and width of a photo. Ideally, product photography should be 4:3, 3:2 or 1:1 (which is also ideal for social media).

Edit Your Photos

Before you show off those holiday images, make sure to perform a little basic editing. You might have to take a lot of individual pictures to get the image that is the perfect promotional shot this season. (It's OK to throw all those other images away.)

Most professional photos go through an extensive editing process to make their photos look great on websites and in other designs. You'll likely need to perform some basic editing to ensure that your holiday photos showcase your product or brand well.

If your product photos are almost there, but you just need some help retouching, consider Pixc. For a relatively low monthly fee, you can send them your photos and they'll remove the background for you.

The first step is to eliminate any images that are blurry or out of focus.

Once you are down to the best couple of photos, adjust the exposure so that color and brightness looks natural. (This is easier than it sounds thanks to photo editing tools.)

Then your photos are ready for use.

Share, Share, Share

The final tip for using images to drive holiday sales is to share. Get those images out there on your website, in emails and on social media. Create a sense of desire for your products and services with images that look great and show off your brand.

Remember that more than three-quarters of shoppers want to see a product image before making a purchase. Share your holiday-themed images – starting soon – to help drive shoppers to your website this season.

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