3 Reasons To Start Shipping Worldwide

  •    Michelle Mondonedo is the content marketer at Easyship, the all-in-one shipping tool for eCommerce sellers looking to sell worldwide.

As a small business owner, it’s easy to stay in your comfort zone by focusing strictly on domestic sales.

While the idea of selling and shipping internationally sounds intimidating, choosing to opt out is leaving money on the table.

Here are three reasons that will encourage you to take your business worldwide.

1. The numbers are on your side

Cross-border eCommerce (or, buying online from overseas websites) is pulling stronger numbers every year – and the future continues to look bright. According to research firm Forrester, they foresee cross-border eCommerce outpacing domestic growth with a compound annual growth rate of 17% between 2018 and 2022.

Ecommerce merchants who are selling internationally are also starting to see the value of cross-border selling. In a Payvision and Juniper research report conducted in 2017, they found that 81% of merchants agree that cross-border eCommerce is profitable.

There are even more numbers to support this claim. A report by DHL Express found that 20% of cross-border purchases are worth more than $200. This shows that overseas customers are willing to spend if they find your products unique enough.

2. It’s easier than you think

Shipping logistics have a reputation of being old-school and not very transparent. Thankfully, technology is bringing this 200-year-old industry up to speed and with better pricing visibility in the 21st century.

Small businesses now have access to tools that offer discounted shipping rates to any international destination. These tools can also help streamline fulfillment and shipping processes.

When looking for a shipping tool, find something that can:

  • Import your orders from multiple platforms all in one place
  • Generate shipping labels so you don’t have to manually fill them in
  • Pre-fill required documents for international shipping to ensure accuracy and completeness
  • Automatically send tracking numbers to your customers
  • Create automation rules to remember your preferences and process orders faster
  • Schedule your pickups online

3. Online selling means the world can visit your business.

If your store is online, anyone can find you. You should take advantage of this by opening your store to the world!

Today’s consumers are savvier and willing to shop cross-border. According to DHL, motivations for doing so include better availability of products and appealing offers.

With online marketing and social media, advertising has no borders. It’s possible for small businesses to build ad campaigns that target the right audience, increasing the chances of converting customers worldwide.

In conclusion, the only way to find out if shipping internationally works for your business is to simply start doing it.

A business owner I’ve worked with said it best - “The worst possible outcome is that you lose a customer because of a bad shipping experience. The best possible outcome is a whole new market!”