Content Marketing: 8 Ways to Repurpose Old Content

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To keep your website up to date and at the forefront of search engine's robotic minds, you need consistent, new content. But that doesn't mean you can't use old content for new ideas. Look for pieces that are still performing well in Google searches or still getting consistent hits. Or seek pieces that did very well when you first introduced them, receiving a lot of shares or comments. Once you've found a selection of these stories, you have a number of options available for repurposing the content in a way that is fresh and engaging.

1. Break the Piece Into Shorter Articles
If the original article was long, break it out into new, shorter articles. Each smaller article should focus on a particular question or subsection from the longer piece.

2. Update the Story
Sometimes people are still searching for an answer, but the answer has changed. Try writing a new story with updated information. Don't forget to include a link in the old story showing people where they can find newer information.

3. Write Articles Based on the Comments
If your story generated discussion, the comments section can be a goldmine for new article ideas. You can also create a Q&A of frequently-asked-questions based on the comments.

4. Search for Related Topics
If the article is still getting views, then look at your analytics to find out which keywords generated those views. Is there another way to approach the article based on those keywords? Look for similar stories that rank higher on Google searches for ideas too.

5. Convert Into a Different Type of Blog Post
If your story was longer, convert it into a listicle. Or try creating a slideshow based on the same information. Create an infographic based on the article that people will want to share. Or you might even want to write a short ebook based on the story and share a new article promoting the ebook.

6. Which Stories Were Popular Last Year?
Sometimes articles have a spike in popularity based on the time of year. Study your analytics to see which stories on your website were popular during different times of year. Can you find a new angle on the topic one year later? For example, if people were seeking Christmas gift ideas and a story was a hit, then update it with new Christmas gift ideas every year. This can even work for days of the week. Some topics might be more popular on Mondays versus Fridays, for example.

7. Make a Podcast or Video
Engage a different medium to address a popular topic. Create a video and introduce your readers to the video in a new blog post. You can do the same thing with podcasts. You could even consider hosting a webinar on the topic.

8. Write a Guest Post
Finally, you can dip your toes into guest writing for a different website. Approach the publisher, letting them know how popular your story was on your own site. If your idea is accepted, you could draw new readers to your website that you'd never interact with otherwise. Or just try publishing a related piece on a different website that you can freely contribute to, like Medium or Slideshare.

Remember: if you're repurposing an old article, find a way to make the information fresh. You never want to copy your older article word-for-word, as this can sometimes hurt your search rankings. Always look for a new way to engage your readers, so you're giving them new, helpful information.