Redefine Your Job Title To Do More of What You Love

  •    Amy Abrams is the CEO and co-founder of Artists & Fleas. Artists & Fleas is a marketplace of makers - tastemakers, experience creators, designers, collectors and curators.

You did it. You took the leap. You started your own business. In the ideal scenario, you’re using eCommerce tools to streamline your business. You’re slowly but surely building brand awareness by telling your unique story. And hopefully, you’ve been lucky enough to connect with a tribe of other entrepreneurs who you can bounce ideas off of and share resources with. You may be working 24/7, but you’re working for yourself.

But wait, does something feel off? Starting your own business is a huge endeavour and it’s normal to feel a slight dissatisfaction or frustration when things start taking off. It can help to dig a deeper and ask yourself, “why am I feeling so exhausted all the time?”, or, “Why do I feel like I am constantly putting out fires, and spending too much time doing tasks that I dislike, instead of focusing my energy on doing what I love?”. If you find yourself wondering why you’re working so hard and if it’s all worth it — read on (spoiler alert: it is).

The answer is yes. But only if you take the time to define where you add the most value to your business and what aspects of running a business you find the most fulfilling.

Often times when people embark on the challenging and magical journey of starting a business, they create a list of all of the things they need to do. The list can be daunting — build a brand, develop a clear product or service offering, build a website, create a marketing strategy, get an office space, the list goes on. While these are all extremely important steps in the launch process, most new business owners neglect to ask themselves “how will I be able to structure my business so I can spend the maximum amount of time doing what I do best?,” “what energizes me the most?”, and, “what really is the DNA of the business?”

Whether you identify as a side hustler, an entrepreneur, or an established business owner — at the end of the day, you’re your own boss. You have the ultimate opportunity to build a business that’s meaningful, that makes you happy, utilizes your best skills and is, ultimately, deeply satisfying.

I know from my own experience, as the CEO and co-founder of Artists & Fleas, that I get incredibly energized by interacting with people. It sparks my creative thinking that I can infuse into my business. Whenever I am bogged down in administrative tasks, I quickly find myself losing steam.

Here’s how to get unstuck. Identify which tasks you will execute personally, and which tasks you will hire help for, and which tasks can be automated with eCommerce solutions. This way you can ensure that you have the right job in your own company. Time is our most precious commodity and as a business owner it’s even more important to use it wisely. Ultimately, you should use your time in a way that adds maximum value to your business — and makes you happy.

Schedule time to jot down the job that you would love to do every day. Write it down. Now look it over and consider what you would need to do to promote yourself to this role. Now make it happen. As the New Year quickly approaches, it’s the perfect time to craft and hire yourself for your ideal job. What better resolution is there than to do more of what you love most?