Podcast Marketing: 5 Crucial Reasons To Start Your Business Podcast Now

  •    Celeste Altus is a business and technology writer and editor based in the San Francisco Bay Area. She has lead San Francisco bureaus of Adweek and PRWeek magazines.

Have you noticed everyone is podcasting, but can't decide if it's a good idea for your small business? Entrepreneurs can use podcasting to promote their work in many different ways. Potential customers are out there hungry for your expertise. Take a look at the facts.

By The Numbers

  1. In the United States, 44 percent of people listen to podcasts regularly. That adds up to 124 million people actively looking for information. Without a podcast, you're missing out on this audience and overlooking would-be shoppers. Not only that, but podcast audiences are growing like crazy. The 124 million figure from this year grew 12 percent from 2017, and listening is going up by the week.

Quality Customers

  1. Podcasting is a way to find good customers. The quality of customer listening to a podcast is higher than the average lead. According to Podcast Insights, 45% of monthly podcast listeners have an annual household income over $75,000, as opposed to 35 percent for the total population.

  2. It helps you build trust with your audience. Most customer surveys reveal that people would rather buy from someone they know than a stranger. When you podcast about your business, you're showing your audience that you are passionate about the space, which builds trust and credibility. Nivi Achanta, creator of education project GetSchooledUSA had no formal training but was still able to get a podcast up and running once she reached out to other subject matter experts, who worked with her to create topics, record the episodes and edit them. “When you have an idea you're passionate about and you tell people, they are willing to help in any way they can," Achanta said.

Getting Started

  1. Podcasting is easy and inexpensive to do. These are something nearly anyone can create, about any subject. There are podcasts devoted to bad tattoos, crochet and the history of gnomes. You don't need a studio or expensive equipment to start a podcast. Aside from a high quality microphone, podcasting incorporates tools you likely already use, such as editing software, email and a solid WiFi connection.

  2. Experts say a podcast can go from a concept to a finished product for less than $100. The first step is to come up with a format, such as a talk show, an interview with someone in the field or you and a colleague chatting. Set up and record the podcast either with your mobile phone and an app like Anchor, or on your own audio equipment. You can edit the material (adding music, special effects, etc.) on many free software programs, such as Audacity or Apple's Garage Band. Once it's recorded, the next step is to upload your podcast so that you can get hosting and distribution, from a site like iTunes, Spotify, Soundcloud or many others.


It's clear that podcasting is a smart marketing tool the most competitive entrepreneurs are using. It's growing; the listeners are sophisticated; it builds trust and it's simple to do. Whether you host once a month or once a week, get your brand front and center with this medium.