Product Photography for Your Online Store: Surprising Stats You Should Know

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Over 75% of eCommerce shoppers say product pictures are very influential when they're deciding whether they want to buy a product online, according to our recent survey of online shoppers. We queried consumers ages 16 to 55 who shop online an average of once a month on large, medium, and small business eCommerce sites.

We found that for many eCommerce shoppers, a product picture really is worth a thousand words: “If I can't see it, I cannot make a decision about it," says one respondent.

Furthermore, consumers say that the ability to see what they are buying enables them to make better purchasing decisions. “As I cannot examine the item in person, the photos are instrumental in my decision-making process," states one respondent.

Product pictures aren't the only reason that eCommerce shoppers make a purchase: Free shipping, pricing and reviews are also top motivators. But a lack of images can derail your online sale before other factors like pricing are even considered: Nearly eight-in-ten shoppers now expect to find photos on a product's website, according to our survey.

Make It Clear

When considering product pictures, nearly two-thirds of shoppers say multiple camera angles are most influential in helping them make buying decisions. Over half of eCommerce shoppers also say photos showing close-ups and distance shots of the product are important, and a third of respondents rate photo resolution as influential when making a purchasing decision. “I prefer to see the object in person to get the best overall look, but the more decent photos capture my attention because you can actually see the product they're trying to sell," explains one respondent.

In fact, some 22% of online product returns are because an “item looks different than the photos," our survey found. We love a good lifestyle photoshoot. But it's important to remember that accurately representing your product will save you both time and money by helping you avoid having unhappy customers. It's important to make sure that artistic considerations aside, your photos reflect correct product photography lighting and clearly represent the product that you are selling.

Go Pro

To get your best shots, you may want to consider using a professional service like Weebly Photo Studio. At $75 per product, our custom product photography provides you with 3 studio-quality photos per product, with no hidden fees. Just ship us your product, we'll photograph it and send your item back for free. Within 14 days, you can easily download your photos. This can save you time and provide high quality images that may improve sales.

About three-fourths of product pictures are on white backgrounds. We call this the “Amazon effect" because white is unavoidable when selling your product on marketplaces. But if you're looking to build a unique brand for your site or store that stands apart from the competition, you may want to consider using bright colors, prints, or lifestyle settings to display your products in attractive and exciting settings. Weebly Photo Studio allows you to choose from multiple background colors, making it great to use on your eCommerce website or social media.

However you ultimately decide to display your online products, our survey makes it clear that product pictures are very important to eCommerce shoppers when making purchasing decisions in your online store. If you're not doing so already, consider using — or updating — your product images today!