How Does a Branding Company Re-Brand? Insider Tips from a Branding Expert

  •    Lisa is President and Founder of MacKenzie Marketing Group. From strategizing with large corporations to consulting numerous startups, Lisa has strengthened countless businesses’ marketing programs.

I’m a long-time branding and marketing consultant who’s had the fortune of working with top-notch companies like Microsoft, Ralph Lauren and Intel. Every day I encourage my clients to think about how their brand impacts the power of what they’re bringing to the marketplace.

But I left one important client out of the mix: MacKenzie Marketing Group! We were so busy focusing on our clients’ needs that our own brand was in danger of being woefully caught in the 90s.

So I decided to take action. Below is a step-by-step process I recommend for any small business owner who’s either thinking about a new brand or considering a refresh to their current brand.

Step #1: Recognize that your brand does matter.

Your brand is the visual and verbal articulation of who you are, what you do and why customers should engage with you. A brand goes far beyond just the pretty pictures: it includes how you talk about your capabilities and your company, how you approach the marketplace, even how you hire.

Step #2: Research your options.

Branding can be time intensive and costly. We didn’t want to add another huge project onto our already overflowing plates. So we just kept researching branding options and putting off a decision.

Then I found out about Brand Genie. Brand Genie offered a branding solution that I immediately liked and that I knew would work. It was like magic!

Brand Genie offers a great process that helps you think about yourself as a company in a more personal way. Instead of relying on written briefs, Brand Genie articulates your core values through fun images. The interface is elegant and simple and the tools are really easy to use and thought provoking. It takes you through a very streamlined path to branding without a lot of meetings, reviews and discussion.

Step #3: Then take action!

Making a decision is the hardest part when it comes to branding. We’ve worked with so many talented people over the years and know good branding when it is presented. Branding doesn’t have to be complicated. Find the branding solution that works for you, and then get started! The sooner you get your branding done, the sooner you can get back to business.

Step #4: Think about the whole package.

It’s important to think about more than just the logo. A brand should include all of the parts and pieces: your website, your business card, even the patterns and colors that you put on your wall!

Since I’ve re-branded I’ve had lots of comments on my website and business card. Customers can see the quality – and they can feel it too. They appreciate that I’m evolving my brand. It makes them feel confident in the services I’m offering.

Step #5: Get your new brand – and get ready for a boost!

Re-branding has definitely helped my business. It shows my customers that we’re forward thinking. Re-branding is like adding fun new elements to your wardrobe: you’ve got that great little black dress, but now you can add colorful sweaters and other pieces that add that “sizzle.” Re-branding is a great way to re-invigorate your business.