Working with Pros: How Weebly Designers Built My Travel Website

  •    Alena Courtney is a Content Marketing and Organic Growth Manager at Weebly.

Connie Saunders and Stephen Facella wanted to take their family owned travel business to the next level. In September 2016 they took the plunge and decided to launch a new website to grow their business. They worked with Weebly’s Web Design Services team to launch, featuring ten pages of interactive contact, a custom domain, membership program, CRM sync for leads and Square integration in only a few weeks.

Working with a designer helped Connie and Stephen meet a tight deadline and create a beautiful website without loosing precious time they need to run their business.

Working Under a Deadline

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Coming up against a deadline, which was their first trade show in Dallas, meant that time really was money for Connie and Stephen.

“If we had a year we’d probably have figured it out but this is a hot idea and we had a trade show and we needed to have a website ready to go. Companies outsource this kind of thing all the time. Any time you can delegate something, as a business owner, you should do that,” said Connie.

They called at least three other design companies before they found Weebly, but they didn’t find what they were looking for until they found Joseph, their very own Weebly designer.. He promised a fast turnaround, which was critical.. Joseph explained how the process worked and the price was right. They had a mock-up the very next day and their new site was ready to come to life.

Working with a Designer

Connie and Stephen worked with Joseph to create an effective and beautiful website for their business. Giving feedback was easy with Weebly’s proprietary message system, which allowed them to interact directly with their designer through an easy to use interface. Connie and Stephen were so busy during the day that they could only make recommendations on their website at night. In the morning their suggestions would be implemented by Joseph.

“Joseph was great. He was fun to work with, funny, and it was nice having somebody assigned to us. He was able to tell us exactly what we got, what we needed and was very honest and transparent throughout the process. He looked out for us,” said Connie.

Joseph genuinely wanted to see them do well and he gave expert advice as to what he thought would work well on their website. He was able to build everything they needed and more, such as password protection on certain parts of the site.


Connie and Stephen received ten pages of dynamic content in just a couple of weeks. Subsequently, earned over 500 unique visitors in a matter of days and began generating leads right away.

Final Thoughts

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Looking back, Connie’s advice for other entrepreneurs is simple, “Don’t pick somebody who’s a friend or does design on the side because you’re going to be waiting forever. For your business you want something that’s perfect and professional and that works. They always say - if you want to be successful hire someone that knows more than you.”

Connie also believes the investment to get her own time time back was money well spent, “Weebly was a good investment. Time is money and the fact that we got our website up and running in time was really valuable. We spent $999 for a website. I could have maybe saved that money if I had done it myself, but it would have cost me so much more in terms of what my time is worth. I made so much more than that by not focusing on the website and focusing on what I do best which is running my business.”

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